Farewell to the homeland 

At that time, saying goodbye to the homeland

20 August 1946: The day of departure had come, and we had to be down at the road at the appointed time. The few things that we thought we needed and were allowed to take with us were already packed. The door of the house was locked, a glance was taken through the window: "Have we tidied up properly? ". The carts were waiting on the road below for transport to the camp.

Villagers who had been allowed to stay at home until now stood there to say goodbye. The merchant's wife put two loaves of bread into our hands, "take them with you before the Czechs take them from us". A heartfelt thank you. Tears were running. A sad handshake with those still left behind. "So farewell, perhaps we will see each other again in Bavaria". A Czech gendarme who was in charge, he turned around, perhaps he also had tears in his eyes, he could not watch the misery.

The old people were allowed to sit on the cart. My brother and I walked over the mountain the shorter way to Neudeck. Up at the edge of the forest we sat for a while and looked down into our home village. The familiar place. "I wonder if we will see it again? ". "Who do you think will live here after us then?" We got up, my brother said: "Let's go" and "Goodbye Neuhaus, we probably won't see you again". So we continued on our way to the camp in Neudeck.

Ernst Ullmann